Rare Disease Day 2017

Updated: Mar 11, 2020

Standing proud and tall for an incredibly inspiring human being, Michael Goldberg and #hugsformito.

They will be represented at the Arnold Classics and I can’t wait to hear all about this wonderful organization, who does such important work in battling Mitochondrial Disease and Rare Disease.

Thank you #teamrosadofit for the inspiration to take this picture. You are awesome!

Christine Stein, Lifestyle Consultant

Rare disease day. 2/28/17. Here's to a great friend who will be represented at the Arnold Classic. Honored to be hearing our own friend/mentor Dr. Jack Barnathan bringing vital info on this devastating disease at our Columbus, Ohio event. Thinking of you Michael Goldberg and all little mito warriors today. Be well. 👋💚

Michael Rosado, Lifestyle Consultant

Please go visit to help raise awareness for Mitochondrial Disease and Rare Disease. Today on National Rare Disease Day I'm sporting my Hugs for Mito tee from my dear friends Michael and Judi Goldberg. They are amazing pioneers to raise awareness for Rare Disease.

Brian Chase, Lifestyle Consultant

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