Mitochondrial Disease Needs the World's Attention

Arlene Chisholm

September 9, 2015

Let's all help my friend Michael Goldberg share Mitochondrial Disease awareness! Please share!

Nicole Barbero

September 8, 2015

Proud to call this man a friend! Great work you've done for Mito, Michael Goldberg! Especially for the children! 💚💚💚

Sandy Roberts

September 7, 2015

Our friend and fellow Mito Warrior, Michael Goldberg, put this Mito video together for Mito Awareness Week., September 20th to 26th. Share and spread the word for all those Mito Warriors out there both here and in heaven. We have lost too many of our friends to this horrible disease and we need to find a cure! Watch it and share it....for Austin!

Annie Moore

September 7, 2015

Mitochondrial Disease awareness week is coming up. Sept 20 - 26. Read, inform yourselves, share, share, share. Here is another awesome video that my friend Michael Goldberg, one of many voices in the Mito community that speaks out for the rest of us especially the little ones like my little princess. Thank you.

Fabi Antoine

September 6, 2015

Mike. One of my friends in the USA has been choosen by Mito . Please share and like his video and help him to win his fight . Lots of love my friend Michael Goldberg.

Arlene Chisholm

September 6, 2015

Michael Goldberg needs us to share Mitochondrial Disease Awareness! Please share this post!

Elena Perlin

September 6, 2015

Michael Goldberg my neighbor from Moreau Street. We never forget where we grew up. He is so brave and courageous, humble, sweet and has become quite the advocate!! In tears, so proud of you Michael. My best friend has been affected by this. Her amazing son. Still not sure about everything they are dealing with yet but she keeps her faith! I will not post her name in case she doesn't to be in the spotlight. She knows I'm there with her every step of the way xoxo

Corinne Costantino

September 6, 2015

Sept. 20-26th .... help show support for Mitochondrial Disease Awareness Week with Michael Goldberg

Judi Lapides-Goldberg

September 6, 2015

Wow, Michael Goldberg has reached 10.5K views!! It's a great video with an important message!! Please keep sharing - we want the world to hear all about Mito!!


Thank you!

Christine Marie Oliveira — with Isaac Fernandes and 3 others at Team Noah Foundation.

September 5, 2015 · New Bedford

Please share, share, share this touchingly informative video by my friend Michael Goldberg. If the ALS Foundation can do it, so can we. Let's make this go viral! Many people don't realize that Mitochondrial Disease is the epicenter of many other diseases, such as ALS, diabetes, Autism, MS, muscular dystrophy, thyroid dysfunction, migraines etc etc. If we find a cure for Mitochondrial Disease then we find a cure for all! Let's speak for those who can no longer. We must advocate in their behalf! From Noah and our family thank you thank you thank you!

Kevin Stetson

September 5, 2015

Please allow me a rare opportunity to be serious for a moment... I want to make you aware of Mitochondrial Disease. You may have just read that and asked, Mito what? I know that was my first reaction when I heard of it. It is in fact, very common but not enough information is out there for the general public. I want you to meet Michael Goldberg. Mike and I have been friends for over 40 years. Since elementary school. Mike has Mitochondrial disease. Please watch his video......

Laura Acquaviva Cioe

September 5, 2015

"This one's a fighter!!!" Thank you Michael Goldberg for helping all of us spread awareness and push through to a cure!

Staci Michelle Beasley

September 5, 2015

And, again, my friend, Michael Goldberg wows us all with his efforts! Very touching video he made for us all as we approach Mitochondrial Disease Awareness Week, September 20-26.

Victoria Conner

September 5, 2015

This is a friend of ours. He is one of JAs fellow Mito Super Warriors. He has adult onset Mito Myopathy. Although, I'm sure he can remember things that may not have been quite normal as a teen etc. Michael Goldberg has become a loud voice for our community in raising awareness. We appreciate you very much, Michael. I am a little behind my daily facts due to JAs hospitalization but I'm posting this for yesterdays Mito awareness.

#awarenessleadstocures!! #mitowarriorsdeservemore!!

Please watch and please share!!

Michele Holban Lee

September 5, 2015

Please share and help spread awareness to help find a cure for this disease for my friend Michael Goldberg!!!

Lori-Ann Leahy

September 4, 2015

Michael Goldberg is a wonderful friend of my husband John who is afflicted with this disease :-( Please take a peek at his video ...

Linda Olden

September 4, 2015

Please share this powerful message from our friend Michael Goldberg who is battling MITOCHONDRIAL DISEASE, he has become an advocate for the MITO community. He is an amazing selfless man who wants to help share the knowledge to find the cure. Together with his loving wife Judi Lapides-Goldberg, they are quite the team. Please Share, visit the website he created, purchase products or make any donation. Help by giving the power of knowledge! Bless you Michael with continued strength to win this battle!

Robyn Kipnes

September 4, 2015

...our high school friend is suffering from this nasty disease! I'm sharing for awareness....thinking of you Michael Goldberg ...

Kimberly McKelligan

September 3, 2015

This is for Michael Goldberg who is effected from this disease and handles it amazingly! In fact he is on a mission to educate people and has dedicated his time to creating a website and is committed to supporting and helping others that live with this disease!

The website is

Sara Mckay

September 3, 2015 ·

You're the greatest Michael Goldberg!!!

Lisa Lane Foster

September 3, 2015

Please watch my friends video! Like and share, share, share!!!!!!!!!!!! We love you Michael Goldberg

Sue Goldberg

September 3, 2015

Please help my friend Michael Goldberg by sharing his post & promoting MITO awareness.

Ellyn Beth

September 3, 2015 ·

Please share and spread awareness for this disease and help find a cure for my SF and fellow black belt Michael Michael Goldberg!!!

Pete Fountain

September 3, 2015 ·

God bless you Michael!

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