Meet our Amazing Friend Nicole Regione

Updated: Jan 6

Photographer: Chris Zupp

Instagram: @zuppshots

Nicole Regione is 34 years old and battles Rare Disease, Mitochondrial Disease (MELAS) which stands for Mitochondrial Encephalopathy Lactic Acidosis.

I know, quite the mouthful. In layman’s terms, MELAS is a rare genetic disorder which results in stroke and stroke-like episodes, dementia and lactic acidosis.

Nicole comes by Mitochondrial Disease (MELAS) honestly. She lost her mother 7 years ago to MELAS. Like many Mitochondrial Disease patients, Nicole’s procedures and symptoms are a laundry list of battle scares that have left their indelible ink.

Two miscarriages, full hysterectomy, migraines, blood pressure issues, lethargia, memory loss, depression and the list goes on.

Nicole wanted to tell her story and create awareness through artistic expression, modeling. She’s accomplished at her craft and what better way to wake up society and put the world on notice.

Please take a look at the attached photo. It’s riveting, beautiful, artistically accurate (I think it’s brilliant).

Nicole’s intestinal fortitude and drive to inspire Mitochondrial Disease Communities, Rare Disease Communities and MASSES of people around the world to get up, stand up, take notice and get involved is extraordinary.

Awareness, Advocacy, Fundraising, Cures!

I’m sure we’ll be hearing much more from Nicole. Please stay tuned!

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