I hope all is well with my family and friends today!

Please take a moment to watch my latest Mitochondrial Disease Video!




Pete Fountain

October 30, 2015

This is my friend Michael Michael Goldberg. Please watch and learn about this terrible affliction. God bless you Michael.

Kim Beard

October 30, 2015 ·

Everyone Please Share this video of our friend Michael Goldberg! Need funding to get a clinic up and running at Mass General Hospital!

Daryl Beaupre

October 30, 2015

A message from my very dear friend about Mitochondrial Disease... Please take a moment to watch.. Love you, Michael Goldberg!!!

Mark Snyder

October 30, 2015

My friend Michael Goldberg shares his battle with Mitochrondrial Disease. He's a fighter, with a powerful message. Let's get some awareness and fundraising to beat this disease into submission.

Marc Miller

October 31, 2015

Just want to share another video from my lifelong friend Michael Goldberg. #hugsformito

Annie Moore — with Kayla McVoy and 37 others.

October 31, 2015

Please take a few minutes and watch this video regarding Mito that was made by Michael Goldberg. He himself has Mito just like my daughter. He is a strong voice in the Mito community and has been spreading awareness every chance he gets. Please watch his video and share to spread awareness of this disease that had no mercy and has no cure. It claims the lives of babies, children, and adults. Just to put things in perspective Mitochondrial Disease claims more lives ( children ) than all childhood cancers put together. Please spread awareness.

Lisa V LaPlante

November 1, 2015

This is Michael Goldberg. He is one of the most inspiring and strong people I know. He is fighting Mitochondrial Disease. Even on a "Bad" day, Michael manages to make a difference in this world. Please watch and share 💚

Lisa Lane Foster

November 1, 2015

Michael Goldberg you amaze me! Tears of frustration and not pity. You keep the fight alive. We will share and post every day to help in your fight and to find an answer.

Jacquie Campanello Benson

November 2, 2015

You are an inspiration Michael Goldberg!

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