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Updated: Aug 24, 2020

Check out our incredible "NEW" store at Shop Dot Com and go to

Every conceivable item that you can possibly think of and then some from over 3500 stores. Receive cash back on consumer products that you're already purchasing, using, and stocking up on in your every day lives.

Please help Hugs For Mito make a global difference.

Hugs For Mito benefits from these exclusive items, but if you’re looking for additional items not on the exclusive items page, click on this link,, or at the very bottom of the page (left side) where it says; NOT FINDING WHAT YOU’RE LOOKING FOR? Browse everything at: click on the link and that will take you to the rest of our shopping mall.

Ohhhhhhh, don’t forget to register so you can maximize your savings! We’re always thrilled when we can bring you new and exciting ways to save $$$.

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Michael & Judi 💜💚❤️


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Please, check out our website.

Our Book I’ll Have Mine Rare, Podcasts, Blog, Events, Shop and More.

Our “Blog Page” has been updated with “new” and exciting content. . . more to come.

Check out our NEW Hugs For Mito Facebook Group and join at

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Hugs For Mito is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit ADVOCATING for Mitochondrial Disease and Rare Disease.

Help Us Give Strength Motivate & Inspire To Overcome

1/10 People Are Affected By Rare Disease.

LOVE, Michael & Judi 💜💚

Michael Goldberg Hugs For Mito, Inc. 501(c)(3) Non-Profit 15 Lamplighter Lane South Easton, MA 02375 508.813.6794


Michael Goldberg

Instagram @hugsformito

Help Us Give Strength Motivate & Inspire To Overcome Aspire 2 Inspire I Won’t Be Denied Dare 2 B Diff Instead Of “Staring” Let’s Teach “Say Hi”


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