Hugs For Mito Delivers Hospital Bed & Other Goodies

Judi and I (Hugs For Mito) had the most AMAZING day yesterday, Saturday, April 17th, 2021

Look what ALL of YOU, our loyal, GRACIOUS, MAGNIFICENT supporters have done via your contributions to Rare Disease and Mitochondrial Disease.

We finally delivered durable medical equipment and supplies (specialized hospital bed), comforter, sheets, gift cards, Hugs For Mito merchandise, etc. to our VERY FIRST recipient and we couldn’t be filled with any more pride.

Liz Painten, daughters Mia, Makyla and best friend and Personal Care Assistant (PCA) Chelsea were our special recipients of the day. Mia is the recipient of the hospital bed. (see in attached photos)

Mia is ABSOLUTELY beautiful, diagnosed with more medical conditions, terms, verbiage and definitions than most of us could ever understand or pronounce.

Not expected to live past the age of 5, Mia is holding her own at now, age 11. That credit belongs to an attentive, AMAZING mother, AWESOME PCA and CARING family and friends.

We got a rare glimpse into a partial day of what mom, Liz lives with every day and she is truly a Super Hero in our book.

Many years ago I was in between employment and substitute teaching at a local high school. A substitute could find themselves teaching ANY classroom at ANY TIME, and on this particular day I found myself in a classroom (I believe Math) conducting role call and got to the name “Elizabeth (Liz) Painten” and asked if she was present.

These days there’s a million Painten’s (then), not as many and not a last name you heard every day. So, I asked Liz, “Which one do you belong to, Dickie, Larry or Tommy?”

Naturally curious, this polished, well spoken, beautiful young woman asked me how I knew her family? I preceded to tell Liz that we grew up in the same neighborhood, I was friendly with her Uncle Larry and graduated high school with him. I also knew her dad and Uncle Tommy.

We grew up in a VERY TIGHT KNIT, close neighborhood and community. Everyone really does know everyone.

Liz asked me if I was going to be back to the same classroom the following day (which I was) and the gesture she made next is to me what really defines Liz as a human being and INCREDIBLE person. She brought me a coffee out of the goodness of her own heart!

Very few high school students would have the wherewithal to do that! I’VE NEVER, EVER FORGOTTEN! Never let anyone tell you that it doesn’t pay to be good to others!

Yesterday, it was Hugs For Mito’s turn to assist Liz and her WONDERFUL family and give a little something back. We thank you for letting us into your home, allowing us to meet Mia and more of your SPECTACULAR family and sharing a piece of yourselves with us. We’re so glad you had great day! You deserved it!

You’re truly a special person and FABULOUS mom!

We were thrilled to hear from Chelsea last evening that Mia LOVES the bed and didn’t want to come out of it! That truly warms our hearts knowing that she’s comfortable!

If we missed any family members in our tags, we’re sorry, please feel free to friend us, message, and we’ll happily accept.

Please like, love and share, share, share our post. Apply at by filling out our online Medical Aid Questionnaire and your family could be our next recipient.


Consult your doctor(s).


In good health!

Love, Michael & Judi

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