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That's the best depiction I give, foggy, out of it, gibberish, complete space shot!

I'm describing myself and it's a description I never believed I would be associated with. The past couple of days, two episodes, one yesterday with a family full of company (I'm devastated that kids and adults had to witness what they witnessed) and then as recently as a few hours ago.

I'm not making light! I'm terrified for myself and I'm terrified for my family! At least from my perspective there's no recollection other than what I'm told after the fact.

For my family it's a lot different because they're the ones dealing with the episodes. My heart breaks because for them I don't know where I am, I don't recognize my surroundings or why I need assistance.

Imagine watching a loved one struggle, out of it, helpless, and that's what I'm putting those closest to me through. We've all experienced it in some way, shape or form, but, do any of us really think that's going to happen to us? In most cases I'm guessing NO! I'll allow for a few exceptions to the rule.

I don't want any of you to see me this way. I'm not sure of the what, where, when or why's. I do know the who, ME!

What I'm about to say is one of the most difficult statements I'll ever make. I love people, being social and am honored by every invitation I receive. I love all of you and being in your company.

Unfortunately, I have to be honest with myself, recognize my deficiencies and call it the way I see it. For now I'm confining myself to my home. It would absolutely break me if I was out socially with any one of you and had an episode. I'd never forgive myself!

Call me proud, call me stubborn, call me foolish, etc. This is me protecting you from watching your loved one and friend decline. I can't stand watching it myself so why should I ever expect you!

Love You!

Michael 💚

#Family #Friends #ILoveAllOfYou

Judi Lapides-Goldberg

December 31, 2015

This is why we (Michael, Judi & Andrew)advocate so loudly and proudly for Mitochondrial Disease!

I'm warning you, those of you that know Michael, those of you that don't, this video is of him having an episode within the past hour.

Nothing has been edited! View at your own discretion!

We've been extremely public since Michael's diagnosis December 2014 and have left ourselves wide open for all to see! So, we're not stopping now!

Please, keep those like Michael with Mitochondrial Disease in your thoughts, prayers and gift!

Michelle Mohney-Venable

December 31, 2015 · Facebook Groups for Android ·

This is Michael Goldberg he is also a Mito Warrior just like Isaac Mohney! Isaac, I encourage you to watch his videos and talk with him on FB. I have never met Michael personally but I would love to! He is a great advocate, fighter, and inspiration for all of those with a Mitochondrial Disease. I pray that 2016 brings him health, happiness, and prosperity! Thank you for all you do Michael!

VickyLynn Hall

January 1, 2016

Praying for you Michael Goldberg and all fellow Mito Warriors...

Russ Goldstein

January 2, 2016

Most of you know my good friend (brother) Michael Goldberg. He suffers from a rare disease called Mitochondrial Disease. WARNING: For those of you who know Michael Goldberg, this may be very hard to watch as it brought me to tears. For those of you who don't know Michael, before he was stricken with this disease, he was the picture of good health. He was a physical trainer/ Martial Arts Instructor and always advocating a healthy lifestyle. During some of our conversations, we discussed the fact he was on crutches for different periods during our youth, not really understanding why he was in pain and in looking back with his new knowledge, feels it was perhaps, the beginning of Mito.

During the past few years, a bunch of our friends have reconnected after our last high school reunion. We have all been close ever since. It was then when I met his wife Judi, who I am proud to call my friend. She stands by Michael and makes sure she does everything in her power to see he has everything he needs. She fights the fight every single day along with Michael. In addition to caring for him daily, she is fighting along with him to educate the world about this terrible disease that afflicts mostly children. They have posted many videos trying to educate people and to raise awareness about this virtually unknown disease. I will say that this particular video brought me to tears.

Michael's main mission in life, now, is to educate THE WORLD about Mitochondrial Disease. He is always trying to find ways to help fund research and to help families who have been afflicted with this disease and mostly to see a cure for the children. Also at different times, he has disclosed to me that he feels one of the best platforms to bring awareness would The Ellen Degeneres Show. If anyone out there knows how to make this happen, please let me know. Here are some different websites for education and donation.

Thank you all very much for reading this and watching the video of my dear friend. WILL EVERYONE PLEASE REPOST THIS WITH A MESSAGE TO REPOST THIS ON YOU WALL.

Thank You!!!!

Judi Moore

January 2, 2016

My friend Michael Goldberg and his family are always sharing their lives with their friends to help spread awareness of this horrible disease, Mitochondrial Disease, that Michael has been diagnosed with. This is a very hard video for us to see but we have to know. Prayers, donations and awareness needed.

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