Arnold Schwarzenegger Classic 2018, ICA National Symposium on Natural Fitness


Michael Goldberg follows Arnold Schwarzenegger onstage as a Special VIP Speaker for prestigious Health, Fitness & Sports Science Event.

Michael Goldberg is the founder of Hugs For Mito, Inc., a Boston based advocacy group for Mitochondrial Disease and Rare Disease.  He is also the author of “I’ll Have Mine Rare”; A powerful children’s books about rare diseases and embracing and appreciating the uniqueness in others.

Raisin and Rosco are children that were born RARE. They have a Rare Disease and want to fit in and be accepted by other kids. Through a neighborhood gathering, Raisin and Rosco teach families about their rareness and how being different is what ultimately makes YOU SPECIAL!

Arnold Schwarzenegger smiled and pointed at the audience.  At this sold-out event sat Super-Bowl Champions, acclaimed Sports Science Experts, Athletes, Innovators, Doctors of Chiropractic, members of the event host;  The International Chiropractors Association, members of the ICA Council on Fitness & Sports Health Science and the Elite among Masters of Fitness Design.

As Governor Schwarzenegger spoke during this, his keynote address, he held up for all to see a beautifully sculpted bronze and marble statue of a proud eagle.  He was sharing this “surprise” to the ICA, commemorating our working together in presenting this prestigious conference;  The National Symposium on Natural Fitness.

Pointing to the audience Governor Schwarzenegger proclaimed “so you (indicating the participants). . . are the wind, so people can walk out of here and fly higher.  This is why I gave you this Eagle, because this is what you are, you’re providing the wind.  You’re providing the power so people can live healthier lives.  

This 26th Anniversary conference has been presented every year with Governor Schwarzenegger as the keynote speaker.  

The conference was the first profession/event to become a part of Governor Schwarzenegger’s annual Sports & Fitness Festival.  26 years ago it was the most prestigious of men’s bodybuilding competitions.  Today, it is the largest sports and fitness event in the world.  

“One of the most exciting highlights of the event was the ‘VIP Panel Discussion’ which boasted experts from all over the country and representing every arena of sports, fitness, lifestyle, and healthcare.”

So said Dr. Jack Barnathan, who conceived the idea for this event and serves as Board Member and President Emeritus of the ICA Sports Council.  

“These remarkable experts represent the best of their fields and have made a powerful impact on the lives of so many through their work.  They each share innovative insights at this, the most important sports science event of the year.”

The ICA Council on Fitness is proud to have had Michael Goldberg as a powerful speaker on our panel.  Michael made a lasting impact on all in attendance, demonstrating a passion for helping both doctors and the public better understand both Mitochondrial Disease, and all rare diseases.  His suggestions for how we could all help in building upon his noble work inspired all!

For further information about the work of this remarkable expert; if you ever need a speaker or a resource for any of your work or to learn more about how you can lock in your registration for next year’s event (February 28 - March 2, 2019), please feel free to contact Michael directly!

Michael H. Goldberg

Hugs For Mito, Inc.

15 Lamplighter Lane

South Easton, MA 02375





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Andy Williams

March 4, 2018

Michael Goldberg fighting for awareness at the Arnold classic in Columbus Ohio. Go to

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March 4, 2018

You are the best Michael Goldberg and Judi Lapides-Goldberg

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March 16, 2018

Michael Goldberg I am thankful for having you as my friend and a member of our “Team Awesome” family...

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