Mitochondrial Care Network (MCN)

On June 28, 2018 the formation of a first-of-its-kind Mitochondrial Care Network was announced.  The Mitochondrial Medicine Society, has goals to formally unify clinicians who provide medical care to individuals with mitochondrial disease; to define, design and implement best practices in mitochondrial medicine; and to optimize management and care for patients with mitochondrial disease.

​A Request for Application (RFA) was announced in January 2018 whereby any clinician in the United States who provides care to patients with mitochondrial disease could apply to join the pilot phase of the Network. Factors for consideration in the Network included, but were not limited to, current and prior patient volume, multidisciplinary approach and hospital/center support. The Mitochondrial Governance Board sought a diverse group of Centers for the pilot phase to determine the full scope, clinical priorities, implementation of standards of care and long-term desired outcomes of the Network.  Based on expertise, experience, and geographic location the following leaders will bring a diversity of thought and perspective to the newly forming network.  The network represents a significant and exciting step to address the unmet needs of clinical care for many patients and result in better care for the future.  By working together, the groups plan to harmonize medical care by providing appropriate diagnosis and best practice care by expert clinicians, to patients and patient families throughout the US..


  • Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, Alvaro Serrano

  • University of North Carolina School of Medicine Department of Pediatrics Division of Genetics and Metabolism, Muge Gucsavas-Calikoglu

  • Children’s Mercy Hospital, Jean-Baptiste Le Pichon


  • All sites will submit additional information including attestations of the site director, their institutions and subspecialists’ commitment to the MCN effort

  • An MCN coordinator will be hired

  • An MCN Medical Advisory Board will be formed and convened to help prioritize and execute the goals of the launch phase.

    Check back often to get updates on this critical piece to our Roadmap to a Cure!

  • Visit the Mitochondrial Care Network site here. For information on the Mitochondrial Medicine Society, visit Mitochondrial Medicine Society Website!